First steps. The first thing you will be planning is the budget. Talk between yourselves and your respective parents about the kind of service you would like; you may wish to be married in a church or prefer a register office. You will find that your parents will be of enormous help to you in discussing the budget, Pic 2they will have first-hand knowledge of the best way to allocate the money. On your very special day you will want the finest of everything, so plan carefully the style of reception and honeymoon. When you have decided, visit your Vicar or Registrar and make arrangements for your marriage ceremony. They will be of great help to you both and explain everything you will need to know. If you wish, a rehearsal can be arranged to set your minds at ease and to assure you that it will all be perfect on your wedding day. Take this opportunity to apply for a marriage licence if necessary.


When you have the date, arrange and book your reception. We will be more than happy to offer you any professional advice on catering matters, styles of seating arrangements and anything else you maybe unsure of.

You have probably discussed between yourselves who to invite, so make a checklist. It is easy to forget somebody when you have so many people who will want to be there on you special day. Think of all your relatives and friends on both sides and write them down for your respective mothers to compile a guest list.


It is now a good time to think of bridesmaids or attendants and the bridegroom's aide...the best man. When your decision is made, you can start shopping with them. This is especially exciting for the bride and bridesmaids, going from shop to shop, almost spellbound by the beautiful selection of gowns, dresses and fabrics available. The bridegroom and the best man can discuss their choice of attire too. Top hat and tails can be hired inexpensively for the day or they can choose to wear tailored suits.